Queros Capital Partners Plc have launched a 10 year bond on the ISDX growth market exchange  giving a 8% coupon per annum to raise a total amount of £50million. The bond issue is a new product in this market and the sectors of investments are lucrative, generating high yield returns to the investor. 

The capital raised by the listing of the bond is primarily    targeted to be invested in bridge financing within the UK sector, which at current time is generating high returns and presents numerous investment opportunities for the  company. 

Further, as the bridge financing sector generates high returns, the company will easily be able to meet its coupon commitment. To highlight, the CEO and  Chairman of Queros Capital Partners Plc is European and possesses the contacts and  connections to acquire high yield property portfolios in Europe.


* Social Housing Complex in Europe

* UK & Europe Consumer Products (Distribution rights)

* Hotel Complex Development in Spain

* Equity in regulated Institutions / Wealth Management

* Cash Reserve, Equity, Bonds

* UK Social Housing