Queros Capital Partners Plc launched a 10 year bond in 2015 giving a 8% coupon per annum to raise a total amount of £50 million. The bond is tradable and fully compliant for retail investors as well as sophisticated investors and has a daily pricing on Frankfurt Exchange which can be access via clicking on following link



The capital raised by the listing of the bond is primarily invested in companies holding assets to achieve medium term capital appreciation with high yield. Also to invest into, short to medium Term Bridge financing to SMEs; short term secured bridge financing to professional Corporates (Law firms) as discounting facilities; Commercial Investments; Property Portfolios; Corporate Discounting.


The investments made to the sectors below are fully securitized via taking security on assets as well as personal warranties from the prospective borrowers. Hence the funding provided to the investment sectors is fully securitized in the favor of Queros Capital Partners PLC


  • Bridge Financing                                               
  • Corporate lending’s to SME’s                           
  • Corporate Discounting                                     
  • Property Portfolios                                           
  • Corporate funding to Professional                 
  • Commercial investments                                 
  • UK Social Housing                                             
  • Cash Reserves