Business Strategy

Social Housing Property Portfolio

Investment opportunities have arisen in the Social Housing property market across the European property market. The investment opportunities have arisen as a result of the economic financial crisis of 2008 which made European policy makers aware of the key role social housing must play to achieve a stable and social coherence. This resulted in a number of initiatives at European Level:

  • Greater support to housing by the European Structural and investment Funds 2014-2020;
  • The recognition of housing as important area of social investment for the EU;
  • Increased attention to the stability of national housing markets and policies;
  • The call by the European Parliament for an EU action framework for social housing;
  • The extension of the notification-exemption of state aid rules regarding Services of General Economic Interest such as social housing.

With social housing a clearly defining issue of our times, we have identified the following:

  • The need for adequate social housing in areas with high economic growth and job opportunities

The Board believes that the as a result of the EU action framework for social housing, the Board intend to take advantage of this opportunity, by acquiring Social Housing property portfolios.

Bridging Finance

The use of bridging finance has become more widespread in recent years, that it is now viewed as part of the conventional financial market products, and in recent times the range of circumstances in which bridging finance is being used has significantly expanded.